Monday, October 16, 2017

Grey Wolf

Basics Things About Gray Wolves ♡

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus), also known as western wolf, is a canine native wolf from Eurasia, North-America, and North-Africa. It's a socially advanced animals that travel in packs. They usually had gray coats, but the other colors such as black, red, white, and brown are also available. The dangerous predator could live around 5-6 years, with an under 3 feet-tall body and 23-80 kilograms (depends on it's gender) of weight. 

As you may know, gray wolves has a major role on movies industry. A several movies like The Grey (2011), Twilight Saga Series (2008-2012), and more uses wolves as one of their characters, especially on a werewolf-themed movies.

Gray Wolf's Classifications ♡

Domain            : Eukarya
Supergroup      : Ophistrokonta
Kingdom         : Animalia
Phylum            : Chordata
Class                : Mammalia
Subclass          : Theria
Clade               : Fereuungulata
Order               : Carnivora
Suborder         : Caniformia
Family             : Canidae
Subfamily        : Caninae
Genus              : Canis
Species            : C. lupus

Fun Facts and Unique Things You Should Know About Gray Wolves! ♡

first thing first,
⋆ It's known because of it's spine tingling howl can be heard from miles away! (you know, it's amazing and for me, hearing their howl are satisfying!)
⋆ It's very faithful to it's couple, one partner for the whole lifetime! (even animals could be that loyal, why can't humans started to imitate the good things from wolves?)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

Gathapraya, Seni Sastra Budaya!

Hello, it's me.. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.. *crying in spanish*

LOL, kidding. Hello, everyone! It's me, Jona again!

Today, I'm going to tell you about Gathapraya, a cultural festival that was held by my school. So basically, unlike other school's event, our school made a unity between traditional culture and modern arts. Fyi, I was one of the committee that held the event. (SO PROUD!!)

Gathapraya was the fourth event from SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. It's name came from Sansekerta Language which means "Harapan Untuk Masa Depan" or "A Hope For The Future"

Gathapraya was held on 30th September 2017 at Lapangan Bali, and opened it's gate on 12:00 PM. The event was very fun and catchy, moreover when my old friends came. I'm so excited to meet them because it's been a long time after our last meet.♡

I also played violin on Ekskul Collab's performance. (SO PROUD!!! pt.2) There were a lot of people watching me and I was so nervous, because my friends were on the front. Some of them came to Gathapraya only to watch me, and provided your time for your bestfriend was the best thing ever, I swear.

Although I didn't take photos with all of them, I was very happy to meet them again! It was a pleasure to see them after 1378546583714138456338436 days. (okay I admit that was excessive)

This is what did I mean with Ice cream is everything!
The food stands are also delicious and not that expensive. My favorite stand was an ice cream stand in front of bangsal. Ice cream was my favorite dessert and I bought about 8-10 scoops of ice cream there (Yas, ice cream is everything!). I think the best flavors were charcoal, bubblegum, and mintberry or something like that. Delizioso!

HiVi! and Nidji were starring this festival. Vina Candrawati, Elephant Kind and Didik Nini Thowok also be the guest star here. My favorite appearance was from HiVi! because I knew some of their songs and their songs were... were.. were describing my feelings(?) In Indonesian we called it baper, LOL.
Yes, honey, yes!

I think Gathapraya was one of the best festival I've ever been to. Oh Lord, I cannot wait for the next event!

Monday, August 21, 2017


So, today I'm going to tell you guys about my convo with one of my friend, Zakiah Diva about our plans on next holiday.  We currently studied at the same class on the same school, we talked a lot and now I'm so excited to know about her plans on the holiday. Here we go.

Jona             : Dude, what a nice work! You've done a great job, Zakiah!
Zakiah         : Thanks, mate. You too!
Jona            : By the way, holiday is coming over! What are you going to do, Zak? Don’t say that you’re going to study math or whatever is that again! LOL
Zakiah         : Ah, right! How could I forget about it? Now is December, right?
Jona            : What a oblivion girl, ha ha ha. So, what are you going to do, exactly?
Zakiah         : Well, I had a plan to visit Oymyakon Village.
Jona            : Huh?! Oysnenwuiiu? Where the heck is that?
Zakiah         : Chill, it’s Oymyakon in Russia. It’s the coldest village in the world. I’m going to meet my internet buddy.
Jona            : Ugh, sounds creepy.
Zakiah         : Yeah, dude. It is. Once you slipped on the ice, you die. Well, what are you going to do then?
Jona            : Zak, please take care of yourself there, okay? Um, literally I had a plan to spend my holiday with my bestriends.
Zakiah         : Wow, that’s awesome. You’re so lucky to have them! LOL
Jona            : We're going to go to Jakarta and play at Dufan
Zakiah         : What else are you gonna do there?
Jona            : Umm, I think we're going to buy clothes at the mall. You know, girls thing.
Zakiah         : Oh my God, don't waste your money for unnecessary things, Jon!
Jona            : Zak, it's important for me, you know. I'm a shopaholic, so..
Zakiah         : Okay, okay, haha. Oh, by the way do you hear the bell? I’m sorry I have to go right now! Be right back!
Jona            : Bye! See you later!


This is an imaginary story, so we hope you enjoy it. Bye!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Thanks. Danke. Gracias. Terima Kasih. Merci.

Hey, it's me一again.

So, today I'm going to write about one of grateful moments I've ever had. So, here we go.

It wasn't a long time ago..

My school had a trip to Yogyakarta that time, which is very unforgettable because that was the last time we, the 9th graders went to the school trip together. We had so much fun there and there's a bunch of memories that I wouldn't forget一ever. We stayed there for about 3 days and 2 nights, and coming back on 23 February 2017. On the way back to Bandung, I slept a lot even though my friends were made loud noises. To be honest, that was kinda annoying.

I slept at the noon, but I was awaken at the night. So, I decided to opened Instagram on my smartphone because nobody else were awoke that time except the bus driver, of course. When I turned off the airplane mode on my phone, there were a lot of notifications, started from my Line notifications, Instagram, up to Whatsapp, which I only used to contact my mom because she have no Line account.

I opened that first because you know, priority. LMAO, joking. Literally I accidentally opened that. My mom said that she and the whole family were going to Jakarta for a sudden reason. She asked me if I brought the key or not. Oh crap, I didn't bring my key that time.

I started wondering, with whom should I slept when I arrived in Bandung. And what's more important was一how can I go home because we're going to arrived at Bandung at the midnight. I started to worried that time, I prayed to God and ask Him of what should I do.

And suddenly...

BZZZ!! my phone's vibrated

There's a notification that was sent by my bestfriend, and she offered me to stay at her home that night because she was all alone too that time, and she was picked up by her driver. I felt so thankful that time, I feel God's grace. I replied her message with a grateful feelings.

source: // Kung Fu Panda 3

Monday, August 7, 2017


Image result for yay gif
"Really?! No, no, no! This can't be real! We're going to meet, Hanifa!" I screamed out and jumped till my phone dropped to the floor

"Whoa, whoa, chill, Jona. I'm so happy that I could meet you soon too, dear!" Hanifa replied my over-reaction-respond with a calm tone, as always

Me and Hanifa has been friend since a few months ago. We met on the internet, exactly on the Wattpad. She read my fanfiction novel on Wattpad and I'm so happy that she likes my story. We started our first conversation because she asked me to follow her account back. Since then, we became an internet bestfriend and we'd like to talk about a lot of things, started from out favorite novels, actors, even our crushes.

We lived in the same city in Indonesia, but we haven't met each other because we're so busy with our national exams. But lucky us, that we accepted on the same highschool, the best highschool in the country, SMA Negeri 3 Bandung.

"What's your rank on the PPDB, Han?" I asked her

"24th. Could you believe it? I'm insanely happy because of it!" Hanifa replied my question

"Oh my God, Hanifa, you're the best! Congratulation, I'm so proud of you!" I congratulate Hanifa for her achievements

"Thankyou, you too. By the way, my mom asked me to wash the dishes, I have to go. See you on the first day of school!" she said softly

"Okie dokie, see you!" I hanged up the phone

Oh, crap! I'm running out late for the school! Hurry, change your clothes! Brush your hair, Jona! Hurry up!

Fortunately I arrived at the school at 6:31, so the school still gave me permission to join the class. I saw my name on the announcement board and ran to the class.

In the class, I saw someone that looks exactly like Hanifa was talking with some friends. Then I dropped my bag next to her. I greet her, even though I'm out of breath.

"Hello, sorry for interrupting. But can I sit here?" I asked her

"Sure. By the way, why are you late? Is your house far from here?"

"Eh, no, literally, I woke up late this morning. I didn't even eat my breakfast. Poor me. Fortunately my home is near from the school, it's on Cempaka Street. Only a few blocks away from here." I tried to explain why am I late

"Really? I've got a friend that live in Cempaka Street too, her name was Jona"

"Wait, what? I'm Jona! How could you know me?"

"Really? I'm Hanifa! Oh my God, I couldn't believe that we finally met each other!" Hanifa screamed until the whole class heard it

"By the way, I've searched your name on the announcement board but I couldn't find it. Luckily, we're on the same class!"

"It was written as Rumondang Jona, not Jona, LOL" I laughed so hard

"How stupid am I, hahaha. But it doesn't really matter now, what matter most was we have met and we're on the same class!" she said and hugged me tightly

Image result for hug gif
source: // Lilo and Stitch


The content me and Hanifa wrote here is just a fiction. Do not take the risk of making friend with stranger on the internet because that could be dangerous. Be careful, and have a nice day!

Monday, July 31, 2017

About Me in 10 Minutes

Hello, everyone! How are you doing?

This is my first post, so I'm going to introduce about myself. My name is Rumondang Jona, and going to be 15 in 4 days!

So, my English teacher asked the class to made blogs and wrote about ourselves for the first post. I'm overzealous to write this but I'm confused of what should I write because there are too many things about me to be told.

source: // A Walk To Remember
It took about a second to knew that I'm a girl. But I'm not that typical girl, really. I'm not that kind of girl that had a crush on Justin Bieber or Cameron Dallas, no offense please. Matter fact, I'm deeply in love with classic rock songs. It's kinda weird for a girl, I know. And I've been judged like for a thousand times because of it. I just don't care anymore about people's bad opinions, because I listened to musics that I like. My ears are supposed to be mine, not theirs. Instead of thinking their judgement, I'd rather listened to Queen's songs. Freddie Mercury was my man crush ever anyways. But somehow, I liked The Chainsmokers' since their #SELFIE song debut. Not your typical girl xx

I studied at SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, one of the best high schools in Indonesia at the moment. SMA Negeri 3 Bandung is located in Jalan Belitung 8 Bandung, and sharing it's building with SMA Negeri 5 Bandung. I'm so proud that I could be here, chosen to be the part of the school. Pro tips; study hard, pray to the Lord, and prove the haters that you're better than them.

I'm not rude, either an easy going person. I'm very shy and introvert, especially in a new place. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. But once you've known me, I swear you're not going to find anyone that as hyper as me.

source: // Clueless
I had four best friends, their names are Fele, Hani, Josh, and Noah. I'm so happy to have them in my life, and so thankful that God gave this beautiful gift to accompany me. They completed me, and helps me on my hard days. I'm so happy to have them, yet so grateful of what I've lost.

I'm so into watching movies, especially 90s romances such as She's All That, Titanic, Armageddon, 10 Things I Hate About You, and others. Kindly let me know your favorite movies in comment, dear. I'll took your comments as my resource to watch. Actually, I'd like watching all genres of movies, so you don't have to be hesitate because all movies are interesting!

Anyways, is there any Cyclops' fans here? I'd like to meet you because I love Scott Summers too! But tbh, I can't stand on Jean Grey because she's kinda overpower, sadly Scottie loves her so much.💔

One more thing, I love Starbucks Coffee. I went to Starbucks Coffee like 24/7. They're my second home, gee. If you're interested to buy Starbucks but you don't know what to buy, just go buy a cup of Java Chips. You're going to like it and for me, it's price is worth it.

Last, I'm so happy that you could spend your time to read my journal, and I'd like to write some movie reviews on my blog. Please kindly subscribe to my blog so you could join our family and be the first to read my posts! XOXO, keep living your lie life!🌴

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